engaged : andrea & lou

It was the summer of ’04 and my friends and I were fresh out of college.  Armed with paychecks we had never before seen the likes of and loads of bills that hadn’t yet fully registered, we did a lot of celebrating that summer.  I’ll never forget one night in particular when I was out with friends and we bumped into a classmate of ours, Lou. 

We all hung out together at the bar that night and had a great time, but closing time eventually rolled around.  None of us wanted to go home yet so a big group of us ended up going to Lou’s new apartment after the bars had closed.  As we were sipping our beers and exchanging stories of what it was like to finally be out in the “real world,” Lou asked my friend Lisa about Andrea.  Andrea and Lisa had been roommates at school and Lou wanted to know her “deal.”  You know…was she dating anyone?  Was she interested in dating anyone?  Lou admitted that he didn’t know her very well but had always thought she was a cool girl, and he was right.  Unfortunately, at the time she was indeed dating someone else.  The poor guy was definitely bummed but he didn’t let that deter him.  He told Lisa that if Andrea was ever single he wanted her to put in a good word or two for him.  Well, eventually Andrea did become single again and Lou was lucky enough to be able to take her out on a date.  Fast forward to 5 years and many dates later and these two crazy kids will be getting married at the end of November! 

Last Wednesday we wandered around their stomping grounds in Southie and had a ton of fun.  We managed to snap just a few photos too.  This was my first time shooting in manual mode, not counting all the still shots I practiced on around my house.  These two were incredibly patient with me and I think they turned out pretty good.  Go me!

We started out right in front of their house.  I love their front stoop. 






When Andrea and I were ironing out the details she asked me if there was anything they should bring.  I told them that sometimes props are fun but not necessary, so she asked if their Vespa would fit the bill?  Are you kidding me!?  I heart these guys.   










This is my favorite shot of the day.  Swoon.   




Then we made our way down to the beach to play around on the lifeguard stands.




Andrea & Lou – Thanks so much you guys, I had such a blast!


One response to “engaged : andrea & lou

  1. It’s me, commenting again!

    Excellent job, Cortney! Well done. 🙂

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