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three. trois. tres.

Question : What do high heels, Vespas, and Connecticut have in common?

Answer : Each one is a different aspect of 3, count ’em THREE, photoshoots that I have coming up in the next week and a half, the first of which is tomorrow night!  But I’m not going to tell you which one it is because I’m evil like that.  You will just have to stay tuned to find out. 

I seriously have some of the best friends around.  So many people have offered to let me either photograph them or offered to help spread the word about me.  All three of my upcoming shoots are with friends who volunteered to let me practice with them or were too polite to say no when I solicited them.  Ha!  Suckers.  But seriously, I can’t believe all of the amazing feedback I’ve been getting.  To be quite honest it’s kind of overwhelming, but I couldn’t be more grateful.  I’m counting my blessings that I am surrounded by such supportive (not to mention photogenic!) friends and family.  Thank you so much you guys.   

Alright, enough sap for one evening.  Because this is a blog about photos, here’s a photo that I took of a friend of mine last summer.  I just love this shot.


Wish me luck for tomorrow!  I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous.  Mostly excited though.  But still kind of nervous.



I’ve been playing around with some different ways to edit my photos.  While I like the look of the ones I’ve uploaded on here so far, I think they are a little too harsh for the overall look and style that I ultimately would like to achieve.  Basically, I don’t really think they are too “me.”  I used a cute photo of my roommate and her boyfriend to practice the editing.  I had asked the two of them if I could try out some posing and creative shots on them a while ago so that I could practice shooting a bit before I met up with Judy and Billy.  These two were my first real guinea pigs and they made for excellent subjects. 

straight out of camera:



after editing:


Let me know what you think of the edits and the watermark that I added in the corner. 

Also keep an eye out for more pictures of these two in the coming weeks.  They’ve agreed to do a real photoshoot with me and I can’t wait!